Faculty - OIA Agreement

The OIA's Technologies Development Team is pleased to bring this free service to UA faculty. We know that many campus departments are unable to provide this service. In exchange for creating a website for you or for your research lab, we ask you to consider the following points.

  • if you leave the UA, your website will be deleted; remember to save any information you will want in the future
  • we can provide you with easy to use illustrated guides or one-to-one sessions to get you started populating your pages; please do not request a website unless you will commit to using it
  • any unused site (unused being a site whose content was not created/added/worked on) will be removed
  • the OIA provides exceptional resources and support for instructional activities at the UA. Our professional staff can help with pedagogical planning and curricular design, instructional technologies, multimedia and website design, and course and student assessment; ask us about it when we meet to discuss your website or submit a request on our Contact Form