Lab Members





Heidi Steiner, B.S.

Research and Laboratory Assistant

Master's Intern

Heidi's duties in the lab range from patient screening and enrollment to cell isolation to Approval Safety Coordinator. Apart from her laboratory assistant duties, Heidi is a part-time graduate student in the Applied Biosciences program. 


Andrea Peralta

Undergraduate Researcher 

Andrea is an undergraduate in the biochemistry department. Andrea performs many DNA isolations for the lab. 


Charles Norwood, B.S. 

Volunteer Researcher

Charles is a Pharmacy student at UofA with hopes of also pursuing a PhD in Drug Discovery. His undergraduate degree is in biochemistry. Charles volunteers his time in the Karnes lab to stay active in research during his graduate program. 





Joshua Dusek

KEYS Intern

Joshua spent his summer learning to code in R in Dr. Karnes' lab as a participant in the Keeping Youth Engaged in Science program. He got hands on experience in both wet and dry science procedures. 


Josephine Thao, B.A.

Undergraduate Researcher

Josephine studied biochemistry at the University of Arizona with hopes of going on to pharmacy school. Josephine helped to isolate DNA and perform other laboratory tasks. 


Justin Kaye, B.A.

Master's Intern

Justin was a University of Arizona Professional Science Master’s (PSM) student studying Applied Biosciences with a Diagnostic Laboratory Sciences track emphasis. Justin’s is now pursuing his long term goals: to practice as a physician scientist and contribute to facilitating personalized medicine within American Indian populations.


Brent Carrillo

UROC Student Researcher

Brent (middle) worked on a Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension bioinformatics project while visiting the University of Arizona as a part of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Consortium. 


Brent Undergrad